The Honda SH125 has gained popularity with European customers, and the new 2009 hybrid looks like it will do well in the UK also. If you desire an eco friendly model, try purchasing a 125 cc bike with gears, as opposed to an energy consuming automatic transmission. Notwithstanding, in terms of convenience and rider experience, the SH rates highly.

In the past, the SH125 received higher sales figures than all other European models, despite the fact that many UK bikers expressed concern over its’ sizable wheels measuring sixteen inches. Ultimately, these reservations were unfounded. The sizable wheels improve the quality of the ride and the stability. The smaller wheels that are featured on scooters pale in comparison.

Additional tweaks from the 2009 bike include a disc brake on the rear, in place of a drum. This adjustment was implemented to enhance the bike’s appearance, and to remedy any niggles with the now disregarded stopper. Visual appearance is the primary reason for other changes too.

Although it became popular, the first SH received criticism for its’ unconventional appearance (in particular, the face). Due to this, it has been considerably altered. The new visage looks more streamlined, with some understated curves. The rear bodywork features eye catching lines, which give the SH a more sophisticated vibe.

The transmission, engine and frame are unchanged, but that’s a positive point, because the pick up power is excellent. Consequently, trickling through traffic and making U turns is a piece of cake. In addition, the performance is fine and vibration is almost eradicated.

Honda reports that the SH gives commendable readings, with respect to emissions/efficiency. The details they offer are rather unclear though, so it’s not possible to truly corroborate this. Fuel consumption, for example, is reported as ninety-seven mpg, but the speed and conditions are not referred to, so this data lacks substance.

Most Honda SH125 review websites tend to agree that approximately eighty-five mpg can be achieved. This is based on traveling at full speed in the countryside, and stopping and starting in towns. Undoubtedly, this claim sounds more accurate. Overall, with Honda’s track record and design quality, the SH outperforms the majority of scooters. Go to the Motoden site today, to learn about new motorbikes and scooters.