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Your Guide to Cbt Test Centres and the Compulsory Basic Training Programmes They Provide

CBT or compulsory basic training is something that everyone in the UK who’s 16 years of age or older and interested in operating a motorcycle or moped on public roadways must complete. Compulsory basic training is a one-day training programme that’s intended to teach participants the basics of riding these types of vehicles. There is no need for previous training to enroll in the CBT course, but compulsory basic training is absolutely essential and DL196 certification is necessary for operating motorcycles and moped legally after a provisional license has been obtained. If a person has received a full moped...

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Benefits of London Motorcycle Training

If you have ever thought of learning to ride a motorbike, you probably realize some of the benefits. But you may not have thought of all of these benefits that taking a London motorcycle training course can get you: Great Fuel Efficiency Running a car isn’t cheap and one of your biggest costs is petrol. An increasing number of Londoners are switching from their car to motorbike to enjoy the better fuel efficiency and the cost savings that go along with that. Cheaper Insurance And if you think your car insurance cost is too high, that can be another...

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Review of the Honda Adventure

The Honda Adventure motorbike is an easy transition into a sports motorbike as it is user-friendly. It is a capable do-it-all bike that has a suspension set for long distance travel. The bike can withstand aggressive road use due to its durable body and stable build. With the multiple modes, you can have a thrilling ride or a casual highway ride without being at risk of causing an accident. Specific Features Power- 74bhp Capacity- 125cc Maximum torque- 99Nm Ground clearance- 270mm Maximum speed- 190kmph Model Information This review of the Honda Adventure is aimed at highlighting all the superior...

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Powerful Tips in Protecting Your Car from Burglary

There have been many changes that took place in the past few decades. Safety is one of the things that drastically changed. It is safe to say that there was never a time when people are completely safe. However, security became less frequent. Gone are the days when you can leave your home unlocked since you know your neighbors and theft is rare. Gone are the days when you can safely walk in the streets any time of the day and night. No one, nothing, and no place are immune to theft these days. According to research, houses and...

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Faq of New Drivers Before Hitting the Road for the First Time

Learning how to drive, having your first car and acquiring your Driver’s License are some of the best feelings in the world. But it is also scary at the same time. You may feel anxious especially when you have to drive for the first time. Don’t worry; you are not alone there, most new drivers feel the same. For others, adapting on the road is easy, and it only takes weeks to settle their nerves. However, for some, it could take months before getting accustomed especially those who live in crowded cities. If you are a new driver and...

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