If you have ever thought of learning to ride a motorbike, you probably realize some of the benefits. But you may not have thought of all of these benefits that taking a London motorcycle training course can get you:

Great Fuel Efficiency

Running a car isn’t cheap and one of your biggest costs is petrol. An increasing number of Londoners are switching from their car to motorbike to enjoy the better fuel efficiency and the cost savings that go along with that.

Cheaper Insurance

And if you think your car insurance cost is too high, that can be another compelling reason to learn how to ride a motorcycle. You can generally get comprehensive motorcycle insurance from about £500 and up, as compared to up to £1000 for car insurance. However, you should expect to pay higher insurance costs on a sports bike than a cruiser bike, and apart from the bike’s design, the engine size will affect the cost.

Reaching Those Hard To Reach Spots

Imagine weaving in and out of traffic on your motorbike, or whizzing down a narrow dirt road – two things you can’t really do in a car. The ability to get into tough to reach spots and get through traffic jams is another big appeal for London bike riders.

Free Parking

Many parking spots don’t require motorcyclists to pay to park there, and the free parking can really save you a lot of money over the course of a year.

Easy To Maintain and Clean

It’s the work of about five minutes to clean your motorcycle every now and then, and of course it takes a lot longer to clean your car as you have to tackle the inside too. Another good reason to get rid of the car and buy a motorcycle.

Higher Resale Value

If it’s ever time to sell your motorcycle, perhaps because you are trading it in for another model, bikes typically have a higher resale value than other types of vehicle. In addition to all the other benefits, you can be confident that owning a motorcycle in London is a good long term investment.

Learn To Ride

For a nominal charge, you can benefit from London motorcycle training which will teach you all you need to know to ride a bike through the capital. The simpler CBT course will teach you how to turn, the rules of the road and you will take a written test too. Request a meeting with a qualified instructor by filling in the online form today.