All motorcyclists who eventually want to ride unrestricted will need to take the Das Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) course. To enroll in this training, however, participants should be 24 years old or older. Completing the included exercises successfully will give you access to machines of both medium and large capacities, without having to test on lower grade machines first and then wait several years to have your unrestricted license approved.

Das Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) course generally take about four day to complete and you will be required to take tests for both Module 1 and Module 2. Module 1 includes an element for an off-the-road test that makes it possible for instructors to determine whether or not their students are using proper riding procedures and that they’re capable of passing Module 2 which gives riders the chance to learn more about the machines they intend to use during their road tests. However, you should keep in mind that CBT training, or compulsory basic training must be completed first before riders become eligible to participate in direct access scheme training. The CBT course has five parts and all five of these require mastery.

Among these are practical training for both riding and onsite training, as wells as riding and training on the road. To make things a bit more convenient, full motorcycle training in London applies an entirely different method than what other companies are using so that you can access Das Training Short for (Direct Access Scheme) courses with ease. All of its locations in central London allows students to pay their fees incrementally as they move through the program so that they can budget for these costs according to their abilities. As such, you are currently able to join the current generation of motorcycle riders who are taking to the row.

Many of these bikers are 40 and over and some are even well into their sixties. Keep in mind that in addition to a handful of popular celebrities, there are also radio presenters and Olympic athletes who have participated in these motorcycle training programs as well.