Motorcycles are recognized as being among the most efficient methods of road transport. These vehicles are relatively inexpensive and thus, they’re easy to buy, equally easy to maintain and their compact designs allow riders to deftly maneuver through massive amounts of traffic. Moreover, it’s a lot of fun to ride a motorcycle and as such, this is an incredibly popular form of recreation among those who love motorbikes. In order to get your certification as a motorcycle operator, however, you will have to complete a number of training programs including CBT or Compulsory Basic Training along with DAS training short for (Direct Access Scheme), given that these will provide all of the skills that are needed for riding a motorbike along with a comprehensive understanding of traffic regulations and rules.

What You Need To Know About Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Direct Access Scheme training is structured specifically for those who are interested in getting unrestricted motorbike licenses. It is accessible to those who are at least 24 years old. There are, however, several exceptions that are made for those who hold A2 motorcycle licenses for more than two years and who are currently on the progressive access route. These individuals only need to retake the practical exam on motorcycles that are larger and unrestricted. If a person does not have an A2 license, he or she must have completed the CBT and should have the ability to ride a motorbike confidently.

DAS tests are performed on scooters and motorcycles with an output of 40kw or less and that have a minimum of 595cc. It is best to take the DAS test on a manual motorbike as opposed to an automatic motorbike, given that you will be able to operate both manual and automatic options upon passing. Once you’ve passed your DAS testing, you will be given an unrestricted motorbike license. This will enable you to operate any motorbike or scooter of choosing, carry pillion passengers and use the motorways.

Finding The Right Training Facility

DAS training is incredibly popular and even celebrities are enrolling in it. It’s absolutely essential for experiencing motorbike riding at its fullest. There are countless training facilities that riders can choose from. Beginners who want full, unrestricted licenses can complete their CBT and DAS training by enrolling in the best motorcycle training programs that London locals have access to.