A bargain basement substitute for the much heralded CG125 is the Honda CBF125. The same reliable transport is provided by it. And ever since it’s January introduction, it has been snapped up by so many bikers. In truth, many dealers have commented on the difficulty they have had in being able to source the model quickly enough.

The Engine

The CBF 4 speed fuel injected 124.7cc single engine is custom designed not to deliver excitement, but rather fuel efficiency. 65mph is pretty much it’s top speed. This allows it to be used on a motorway, but doing so on a consistent basis may not be something you will choose to do. The model offers 11bhp according to Honda officials and this is one more than it’s nearest competitor which is the Yamaha YBR125. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to performance, there is nothing really separating these two models.

Ride And Handling

Reasonably satisfactory are the handling and the brakes(single disc front and drum rear). Compared with virtually any motor bike, it is as comfortable for 30 minute rides as can be. On those longer journeys however, and particularly on motorways, due to the inexpensive rear shocks, one’s rear end will suffer a bit. And you may get a rocking horse feeling in town, when you alternate between braking and accelerating in those start/stop traffic queues.

Quality And Dependability

You should understand that everything is not going to be perfect with this model at such a low price. Understanding that, it should come as no surprise that the exhaust finish appears not to be very well fit for longevity of any sort. On the matt black finish, the workmanship has gained criticism from many customers. In addition, there are weak plastics and grommets that are quite fragile.

The Equipment

Rather than a rev counter, which gear you should be in is indicated by the numbers around the speedometer dial. There is a fuel gauge though. Starting out with a full tank, once the gauge displays half, you will have about a third actually remaining.

Honda CBF125 Review Final

This model is from a reputable brand and is aesthetically pleasing. And compared with having to take the bus, it is indeed less expensive. It has been described as a lot of fun by many customers and it may be the only transportation you will require at a price of L2000.00.